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美國的證券市場歷史悠久,很多投資大師也都是從美國發跡。而美國的投資部落客為數甚多,他們的文章很多見解頗為精闢,足以發聾振瞶,值得一讀。雖然有人認為台灣的股票市場與美國證券市場仍存在若干差異,但並不表示我們不能借鑑他們好的概念。因此我重拾我塵封多年的英文,開始在國外網站尋寶。很幸運地,我找到一個相當認同的部落格,叫做「DIVIDEND GROWTH INVESTOR」。


「I am mostly a buyer of high quality dividend stocks, with solid competitive advantages. My holding period is forever, as long as the dividend is at least maintained. I tend to concentrate my efforts on stocks which grow earnings and dividends, which provides outstanding total returns over time. I only focus my attention to stocks with sustainable dividend payments. I am also a firm believer in diversification accross sectors and geographic locations.

I have been focusing my attention particularly to companies that regularly increase dividends to their shareholders on my website. On my blog I share my thoughts on investing in dividend paying stocks that have consistently increased their payments over time and tips on growing my dividend income. I hope that my blog will serve as an inspiration for my readers and that it would change their financial lives for the better.」

從這段簡短的介紹可知作者是一位重視投資高品質派息股票(high quality dividend stocks),也就是專注於投資具有股息成長潛力的公司。從他的部落格命名為「DIVIDEND GROWTH INVESTOR」(股息成長型投資者)就可略知梗概。

在他的介紹中也呈顯出其價值投資者的一些基本概念,例如他說:「My holding period is forever, as long as the dividend is at least maintained.」也就是說,只要作者所持有的股票能夠持續發放股息,他就會一直持有下去。可見作者並非關心於股價的漲跌,而關注於企業的營利增長與分紅,這都是價值投資者強調重視公司本質甚於股價的立場。

部落格中也蒐集了不少與股神巴菲特及其波克夏公司相關的書籍介紹、文章分享、言論集,他自己說:「I am a big fan of Warren Buffett, who is the best investor who ever lived.」其對巴菲特的推崇可見一般。因此在作者的文章中,我們可見其脫胎於巴菲特這位超級投資者的概念,對於價值投資者而言,讀來頗能感同身受,甚至有吾道不孤之感。

相信大家對小樂的介紹一定意猶未盡,您可以直接點選下面的連結瀏覽「DIVIDEND GROWTH INVESTOR」部落格,而我也將於新的年度精選該站的文章來做介紹,敬請期待!


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